Baileys Fitted Furniture - The Impossible ... Done!

Tailored Fitted Furniture Solutions

Cherry GlamourWhen Baileys Bedrooms say they like a challenge they mean it. Just look at this picture selection and you'll see what we mean. But these pictures really do not do justice to the many and varied solutions that Baileys working with you the customer have devised and created. Storage solutions, use of space solutions, creating space and style.





On many occasions the home owner has had their job rejected by others or had very unsatisfactory proposals submitted. Sometimes being told 'it cant be done' or 'you can't do that' Then enter Baileys Fitted Bedrooms. See for yourself here. From angular or vaulted ceilings and walls to a single unit that combines the functions of headboard, bedside cabinet, home office drawers and computer printer/scanner unit in a space 3ft x 2ft (900x600mm). The printer you see there slides away when idle on easy-glide runners. These creative ideas have gone into dining rooms, lounges, home study, loft conversions and more that we've forgotten!

Baileys Bedrooms handle your needs and your trust with great care.